Cable Assembly Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Kurlis offers a complete solution in cable assembly and wire harness processes, with a sustained investment programms into the latest machine technology, to ensure the availability of best resources to meet the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, the quality of products we manufacture and supply are of exceptional grade with regular quality adherence checks, constant monitoring, and thorough inspections.


Continuous Improvements & Upgrading To Advanced Technologies

We ensure absolute proper communication and co-operation with our customers to meet the constant demands and expectation of day by day chaning market. We strictly adhere to the environmental and personnel safety standards; And our Certified Quality system along with relevant training & continuous improvement programs ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers and their ever-increasing demand for excellence in the products we offer.

The manufacturing facility for kurlis is well equipped with Semi-automatic/Fully Automatic Crimping machine Stripping machine,Horizonal Injection Moulding machine,Vertical Injection Moulding machine,Automatic cut & stripping machine Wire Cut & Strip Machine and state-of-the-art Test equipment including Cross section,Subascope and Pull Force Monitoring .

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